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Wedded Bliss Part One

By Roshni Varsha

Mallika looked around her slowly, so this was to be her home now. She sighed, looking around herself, her big brown eyes as wide as beli fruit as she took in her new home.

This was to be her quarters, or that was what her new husband Dhatri had told her as he’d led her in here. They had been married just an hour ago, and Mallika had been shocked at how anxious her new husband was to get her back here to his home. Shocked and confused she had nevertheless departed from the Rukhsat ceremony and come back here right away, to this strange set of rooms. Mallika let her eyes move slowly through the room, her brow furrowed in confusion.

The room seemed normal enough at first glance, but upon looking closer she found that some things were not as she would have expected them to be. In one corner, beside the bed, for example, there was a large cage. It was tall enough that a human could have almost stood up in it, almost but not quite. The black metal bars were very foreboding looking and the innocent nineteen year old bride found herself wondering what kind of dog her husband had, and where it was now.

The cage was the most obvious incongruous thing in the room, but certainly not the only one. There was a strange device lying atop the bed. Mallika’s frown deepened as she studied it. It looked very much like a belt, except that it had a sort of metal panel attached to it on one side, which then bent and attached again to the opposite side by means of a lock. Thoroughly confused, Mallika looked up at Dhatri, who was standing beside her in the doorway.

He was a handsome man, this stranger who was now her husband, his dark skin and deep brown eyes, characteristic of his Indian heritage, was flawless and the envy of many other men. His bone structure was like something straight out of Bollywood, and his wavy dark hair would have been the envy even of many film stars. He was quite a bit older then her, but his family came from money. It was a good catch for the young Mallika and her family had come up with a sizable dowry to make sure the match would be made.

Dhatri smiled down at his bride. She had just seen her nineteenth birthday, and as a good Hindu girl had led a very sheltered life, there was no way he could truly expect her to recognize a chastity belt upon first seeing it. Looking down into her doe like eyes, he brushed a strand of hair off her cheek and spoke, his tone soft, but leaving no room for argument.

“Don’t worry Mallika, soon enough this room will feel like home. I know this is all new to you, so I will try to be patient, but it’s very important that you learn your place, your role, straight away. Because of that, the first few days you are here will be difficult for you, but if you just remember that I know what’s best for you, and trust in me, you will soon adjust and come to find that you can truly be happy here.”

Mallika’s brow furrowed more, confused by the cryptic words of her husband, she shook her head slightly, and looked back to the strange device on the bed.

“What is that?” she asked, getting right to the question at hand.

“That you will learn all about soon enough, but first things first...” Dhatri paused, moving past Mallika and into the room. He headed directly for a dresser and picked up what looked like a collar from the top of it. Looking back at her, he continued, “Come here, and kneel before me.”

Confused Mallika did as she was told. Now was not the time to be obstinate she told herself, a good wife obeyed her husband in all things, that’s what her mother had told her, and so she crossed the room and knelt at Dhatri’s feet.

“Good girl,” Dhatri cooed, moving to stand behind her and reaching to fasten the leather collar around her neck. It was about an inch wide and had four "D" rings spaced evenly around it. “This is tangible proof of my ownership of you Mallika. This collar means that you are mine, all mine. You will learn how to serve me, how to keep me happy, you will do all that I command of you, happily and without question, and if ever you are tempted to do otherwise, this collar will remind you not to. Do you understand?”

Mallika’s eyes widened. Her mother had told her what to expect on this, her wedding night, but this was nothing like she expected. She found herself totally caught off guard. Of course any good Indian girl knew that she must be subservient to her husband, but Dhatri seemed to be speaking about something more, something deeper. Nevertheless, she nodded, “Yes, I understand.”

“Good,” she felt Dhatri’s fingers pluck the sheer scarf off her head and begin to unbind her hair. She shivered at his touch, never before had a man touched her like this, it was intriguing and confusing both. Her husband ran his fingers through her hair, and then expertly tied it into a loose bun at the nape of her neck, “The first thing you need to learn is how to address me. You will always call me Sir, do you understand?”

Mallika nodded once more, “Yes Sir.”

Dhatri telegraphed a smile and Mallika sensed him nod even with her back to him. “Good, you’re learning quickly. The other thing you need to learn today Pet, is to do exactly as you are told, without question and without hesitation.” Dhatri let his fingers softly caress Mallika’s shoulders through her sari, and then with a well practiced hand he began to wordlessly strip it from her body.

When she felt her clothes falling from her body, Mallika was gripped by a momentary panic. Clutching the silken fabric to her breasts, she sought to preserve even a modicum of decorum, to hide her nakedness from the eyes of this man who even though he was now her husband was still a stranger to her. Her mother had said the lights would be out! She’d never mentioned a collar or any of this. Mallika’s mind was in turmoil, and she clung to the only thing that seemed real, her clothes.

Suddenly Dhatri’s hands clamped over her tiny wrists, his grip as strong as steel, not painful, but very commanding. She felt him bent overtop of her, the crisp fabric of his shirt rough against her naked back. His breath stirred her hair as he whispered into her ear, “Let them go.” 

Though he spoke quietly, his tone was commanding, there was no room for argument or discussion. He said let go, and so she did. Relaxing her grip on her sari, Mallika blushed furiously as it slid down her body to pool on the floor.

“Good girl,” Dhatri purred in her ear once more before letting go of her wrists and rising to tower above her once more. “Now listen carefully. I want you to lean over on the bed, stay on your knees but let your body above the waist rest upon the bed, and get comfortable; you will be like that for a while.”

Mallika was all to happy to oblige, by laying the way her husband commanded she was able to cover her breasts and pussy against the mattress, leaving only her bottom exposed. Only, as soon as she was in position, her head turned to one side, cradled on her arms with her breasts crushed against the coverlet, there was suddenly a book shoved into her field of view. It was filled with pictures, horrible, filthy pictures. As soon as Mallika realized that there were images of naked women upon it she averted her eyes, but the commanding voice of her husband forced them open again.

“Hold it Pet, and look at it, look at the pictures.”

Mallika looked up at her husband, towering above her as he stood, holding the forbidden pornographic magazine out to her from the side of the bed. “But it’s…”

He shoved it at her, letting it flutter down to the bed in front of her face, “I said look at it!” he barked. 

Frightened Mallika reached out a trembling hand to pick it up and do as she was told, letting her eyes take in the pictures on the pages. Each one was worse then the last, she’d never heard of such things, let alone seen them! Pictures of women in all states of undress were plastered across the pages. Some were spread legged, some just bare chested, but all of them were erotic. As she perused the images a small part of Mallika was not disgusted, but rather, she began to feel a strange new sensation deep inside of her.

Then suddenly she began to feel a strange new sensation upon her skin. Her husband had moved behind her, and she could feel his prying fingers upon her bottom, spreading her cheeks wide open. Blushing fiercely she let out a surprised cry and began to twist around, intent on moving out of his grip.

“Stay still Pet, and keep looking at the pictures. You are mine remember? You are mine to do with as I chose, and I chose to do this.”

Tears of shame stung her eyes as she felt her husband part her ass cheeks...


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